La Vida is a 501(C)(3) Federal non-profit adoption agency licensed in Pennsylvania. We have 30 years of successful domestic and international experience.  When the Hague Convention went into effect in 2008, we were also among the first agencies to achieve full Hague accreditation from the Council on Accreditation  This accreditation enabled us to work with U.S. families to adopt children residing in many countries.  We recently made the decision not to renew our Hague Accreditation and effective March 1, 2018, we will not be acting as a primary provider (child placing agency) for inter-country adoption cases. 

La Vida currently provides home study and post placement services and specialized services to couples and singles living in Pennsylvania.  Our agency was founded by and is directed by adoptive parents who personally understand the multitude of emotions that occur during your adoption process. Our philosophy is to address your specific needs and do so in a compassionate manner. Our commitment comes from the heart.  

We will be glad to provide private consultation in-person or via telephone to share information about our services with you and to answer any questions you may have.  We hope that you enjoy your visit! 

Please keep in mind when visiting this site that we will be updating content to reflect the recent change noted above. 

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